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About Game
Plutocracy is a 2D strategy game that takes place during the era of the Gilded Age, where big business and first billionaires rose to power. The game allows players to invest in and capture profitable companies, build monopolies, lobby laws and politicians, and even corrupt officials in order to achieve financial success. With hundreds of significant events and the ability to influence the outcomes of world wars and economic crises, players can become a shadow ruler of the world.

As a form of society defined as being controlled by the wealthy, the game illustrates the interaction between politics and economics, where influential capitalists use their money to make an impact both inside and outside of politics. Whether competing openly or secretly, players can choose whether to make a bet on economic development or to acquire investments with the support of influential officials and politicians.

Scalability is a key feature of the game, building from the scratch to gradually becoming responsible for the workers of your companies, their families, industries, regions, and even countries and continents, and feeling the growth of your responsibility for every decision made. The game has a real dynamic mechanism of economic companies and the country, where players can modify production plans, increase or decrease working hours and wages, and delegate management tasks to the Board of Directors.

Players have different ways of competing, from making relationships with companies’ owners and merging into cartels to organizing strikes and sabotage at the companies of competitors. Choose any of the 14 industries and take over the market, develop and improve the infrastructure of companies with new technologies that increase income.

In the game, the executive branch consists of officials of the federal and local levels, where politicians will be sorting out significant issues of financing, taxation, management, and other. Become a manipulator in political circles, increase status, and make relationships with influential officials and politicians. Players can capture fields of strategically important resources in other countries and provoke military conflicts through the Senate of the US Congress or the White House.

With an immersive storyline, realistic simulators, and diverse gameplay elements, Plutocracy provides a thrilling experience for players to become the most powerful financial empire and rule the world. Support the software developers and buy this game on Steam. Download Plutocracy v0.203.3 for PC via the direct download link (Windows) provided in the article. Get ready to build the most powerful financial empire and become a shadow ruler of the world.
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