Download Journey to the Savage Planet Build v1.0.10 + OnLine

About Game
Hey all you intergalactic adventurers out there! Are you ready for a thrilling mission to determine if the planet ARY-26 is fit for human habitation? Well then, we’ve got just the game for you – Journey to the Savage Planet! As a new recruit for Kindred Aerospace, the fourth-best interstellar space exploration company, you’ll have to explore the planet’s flora and fauna (including hallucinogenic plants and “festering alien orifices”), all while cataloging your discoveries. And if that’s not enough excitement for you, you can play solo or team up with a friend (if you have one) to complete your mission.

But don’t worry about being under-equipped – you’ll get a whole array of cool tools for free, including a laser pistol, rocket booster pack, and even a 3D printer that can turn space trash into useful items. And if you’re feeling curious (or just plain lonely), there are even bonus mysteries to uncover as you survey the planet.

All of this adventure comes in a compact 5.3 GB package with a built-in CODEX crack, so there’s no need to install anything – just start with the launcher and you’re good to go. And if you want to play online with friends (or make new ones), just download the Steam-Fix and follow the simple instructions.

So grab your spacesuit and get ready for an out-of-this-world experience with Journey to the Savage Planet! Don’t forget, you can support the developers by buying the game on the Epic Store. And for all you tech-savvy folks out there, here are the system requirements:

– Operating System: Win 7, 8, 10 x64
– Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz
– RAM: 4 GB
– Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
– DirectX: 11
– HDD Space: 5 GB

Happy exploring!

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Download Journey to the Savage Planet Build v1.0.10 + OnLine NOW